Dulce Leche Lactation Circle

Returning Fall 2022


Chalchiutlicue Lesson Week 1

In this gathering we discuss:

Protecting Life-Giving Waters 

The Milk River Medicine  

Ancestral Microbiome + Biodiversity  

Mayahuel Lesson Week 2

In this gathering we discuss:

The Infant’s Latching Wisdom

The Nurturing Environment for Baby + Parent 

The Initiation of the Sacred Milk Journey 

Getting in Sync as a Couple  

Resurgent Parenting and Traditions

Xochiquetzal Lesson Week 3

In this gathering we discuss:

The Rebirth of the Parent

Thriving Relationships + Healthy Family Foundations

Lactation as Healing Medicine

Lineage Healing + Personal Metamorphosis 


Tlazolteotl Lesson Week 4

In this gathering we discuss:

The Sustainability of Lactation Journeys

Food Sovereignty + Indigenous Food Systems

The Weaning Ceremony