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Chichihualtia Perinatal and Family Wellness is an indigenous centered breast/chestfeeding nonprofit organization in Panorama City that was birthed out of the community’s need for culturally competent and trauma informed breast/chestfeeding education and support services. We are an indigenous led organization committed to aligning our breast/chestfeeding advocacy, work and activism with our core values, and cosmological world views as Indigenous people of Cemanahuac and guardians of the earth.  Chichihualtia is committed to providing indigenous, Chicanx, Latinx, and local BIPOC families access to culturally centered and trauma informed perinatal health and breast/chestfeeding education and support services that foster family wellness and community building. We believe that human milk is a sacred first food and that breast/chestfeeding is an important part to restoring family traditions, and improving community, public, and planetary health. We continue to advocate for access to breast/chestfeeding support and family-centered green safe spaces in our community. Chichihualtia is committed to help protect and restore breast/chestfeeding as an ancestral tradition, food sovereignty,  and a continuation of social, and environmental justice. Chichihualtia is grounded in social and environmental justice, and actively raises awareness on the breast/chestfeeding disparities , high prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's), perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and increasing rates of gestational diabtetes among our local under-resourced communities throughout Tongva and Tataviam lands other known as the city of Los Angeles.

Our Framework

Chichihualtia provides perinatal health and breast/chestfeeding support and education through an equity, trauma informed, ecological, and sociocultural framework. We provide a multi pronged approach using a variety of influences, such as art and social media, to create breast/chestfeeding advocacy and outreach not only directed at healthcare and lactation support professionals, but policy makers and family members, including fathers/partners and tios/tias/ti@s.

Our Values

We honor Earth as our mother that gives of herself in order to provide nourishment and vitality. We believe that breast/chestfeeding, social justice, public and environmental health, and the relationship we have with the earth are all intrinsically connected. Human milk is an important natural resource that is continuously disregarded. Just like mother earth, indigenous people are also exploited and disregarded. We believe that lactating individuals have a unique power through breast/chestfeeding to maintain health, life, and finite resources. In the colonized world of today, where racism, consumption of finite resources, and environmental degradation are reaching a breaking point, breast/chestfeeding and human milk is an unacknowledged resource that can offer solutions to our climate, public health, and sociopolitical crisis. We believe that breast/chestfeeding is an important part of a healthy ecosystem and that something as unnoticed as breast/chestfeeding can contribute to healthier communities, and a saner management of our earth’s resources. We recognize breast/chestfeeding as an important aspect of self-sustainability, indigenous food sovereignty, and environmental and social justice. We value human milk as a sacred first food, and also recognize that breast/chestfeeding provides nutrition security and combats poverty, adverse childhood experiences, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. and many chronic health diseases.

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