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Planetary, Perinatal & Family Wellness 

We're restoring ancestral food systems to nurture symbiotic relationships and biodiversity, and revitalize lineage legacies.


As an organization whose core values are Indigenous/perinatal/planetary health and family wellness, Chichihualtia is charged with upholding ancestral traditions for the health of the planet and future generations. Chichihualtia safeguards lineage legacies and ancestral practices that facilitate optimal birth and postpartum experiences, post-natal transitions for baby and parent, immediate skin-to-skin/zero separation, exclusive chest/breastfeeding, parent-baby bonding, gentle or self-weaning, extended chest/breastfeeding, responsive parenting, and sustainable food systems which in turn promote biodiversity, and perinatal and family wellness.

About US

At Chichihualtia Perinatal & Family Wellness we nurture and maintain cultural attachments to our native languages, ancestral calendars, traditions and heritage, always centering lactation within community, culture and ceremony. 


We're revitalizing Anahuacan cultural legacies for birth, lactation, parenting and family wellness one parent-baby dyad and family at a time.


There is no one way to reconnect to our Indigenous lineage legacies. We can begin with ourselves wherever on Native Land we are. 


We can begin reconnecting with our lineage and ancestry through our Indigenous food ways because the ability to provide ancestral nourishment from our bodies (and the land) for our babies and next generations has always been a pillar of our Indigenous heritage. 


We can begin reconnecting through the way we carry our waters, birth and nourish our babies. 


The way we give birth along with our milk and traditional food ways nourishes our babies  bodies, spirits and ecosystems in their microbiome. 


That's right, our traditional life and food ways hold the power to reconnect us with our ancestors in profound and transformative ways. 


We can return to the heart of our honorable earth grandmother through the portals of birth & lactation. 


This is a deep ancestral embodied and physiological healing experience that rewires our brain chemistry, allowing us to recreate and redefine ourselves, to rewrite our narratives through our birth and milk stories. 


May from the land and our bodies, all of our relations heal. 

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